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I thought I was new.(Freebies).

I would have sworn I’d read there was a New Coco Group Gift but maybe I misread that and the “New” is actually a New Landmark! Not only has the whole shop moved it’s also been updated and refreshed.

There actually may be a new freebie which I’ve just not spotted so it’s worth a pop over in any case.  If you haven’t spotted the shoes, jeans, shirt tied around my middle and top are old Coco gifts and it’s nice to see that they’re all still there but this time to find them they’re on boards near to the LM.

UPDATE:  There IS a new Group Gift!

So I went back to LM grab and spotted that not everything had rezzed on my first visit and that’s when I spotted the NEW GG.  At the LM you will see blackboards, behind you, and on the back of two of them are the older Gifts and on the front of one is some older gifts and the new gift which looks as though it’s a lacy top and shorts.  Just to make this even more complicated at the back of the shops is the same blackboard with other older gifts on it.  OK don’t worry as when you go there it will be much more clear than I have explained.

Coco Design.(NEW Landmark).