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It’s simply S@bbia. (Freebie & Lesson 101).

Yass, I’ve scored twice today first this NEW Group Gift from S@bbia and the second is that my fav backdrop shop is now back in business with a new LM.  So before I get distracted by new backdrops I don’t need and will never use but I just have to have I hopped over to S@bbia and I was so happy to see this NEW Group Gift.

Again a “one size fits all” outfit.  With the homemade look to it.  I’m just as happy to see that one of the med height shoes and the other outfit are still out.  The newer Group Gifts are always on the stands and on the wall to your right are some older gifts.

Now for the spammy bit.  Now that it has become a legal requirement to wear masks at least on transports and potentially shops and other places at a later date I’ve been sewing like I’ve never sewed before.  I’ve been using this youtube tutorial for making mine and it couldn’t be any easier and in fact, I’ve not even bothered to drag out my sewing machine and just doing them by hand as I watch Judge Judy.

Any old fabric does the job and it’s just so relaxing.

As the rules are relaxed I think we need to be even more vigilant to ensure that we and those we love remain happy and healthy…it’s a challenge and we’re all up to it.