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Very Cheap Rental homes

Im always on the look out to show you some dead cheap rental homes. Sometimes its just what you need, specially in these times when everyone’s budget is squeezed. I found Evanstone Rentals in the classifieds, they have several locations with varying prices of homes. The styles vary from site to site, the furniture varies from home to home ! I rented this little house for $14L per week, its part furnished and you get 30 prims of your own. (Although some of the same houses said 25Li of your own?)

The house is a little strangely sized, so everything tends to look a bit small inside it, but it is what it is. At this location there are plentiful outside areas to wander around in, plus the homes have a little balcony to the front. Upstairs there is a bedroom – the bed in mine isn’t overly special and it doesn’t say if you can ask for it to be removed – however, each home seems to have different furniture, so check whats inside before renting. The one and only thing (if I was going to live here) that Id just HAVE to ask about, is the landlords love of HUGE rotating “FOR RENT” signs above the empty houses – its so ugly ! Feel free to wander around No 44 – thats mine – there does not appear to be a way to lock or secure the door – so have at it !

Evanstone Heights
Lanville – where my house is

Athenis Village