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This makes me sad! (Freebies(?) & lots of 10Ld Old Hunt Prizes).

As I’m pulling poses for this picture I have the sounds of seagulls and crashing waves coming out of my computer and it makes so wistful for the time I could just throw a few things into a bag and head off to the seaside.

Until then I am just grateful that those I love and care for are fit and well and I have my own little plot of heaven in SL.

This is a new La Perla Group Gift, the group is free to join but you need to pay 1Ld to get this and the other gifts which you will find upstairs. I should have paid more attention as I can’t remember if the 1Ld you pay is returned to you so they may be free or dollarbies but the 3 items I picked up I was totally happy with.

If you’re in the teleport hub group then behind the reception desk is a gift for us and just outside the shop are some Lucky Chairs and Gacha’s.

Added to all of that there are some shelves on the ground floor which are covered in pretty boxes, each box costs only 10Lds and inside is an old hunt item.  Since there is no picture and even going into edit mode doesn’t really tell you what’s in the box it’s a bit of a Lucky Dip as to whether you will love the prize.  Cheap enough to try though and I may just do that when I next log in.

La Perla.