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I’m having a moment here!!!! (7Ld for 7 Deadly S(K)in’s).

OK, I’m going, to be honest, in that, I wasn’t a big fan of the “7 Deadly S(K)ins skin’s” range and many other skin makers in SL BUT that’s only because I’m such a stick in the mud when it comes to my skin/body and hairs.  I used to wear LAQ skins then Essense and finally I’ve been using my beloved Pumec skin(s) for as long as Pumec has been open in SL.  So it’s not so much a bad reflection on other skin makers it’s just me being boring as hell!

Now, check out this skin and I am CONVERTED!  Look at the skin on my hands so pretty and yes it’s a 7 Deadly S(K)in Group Gift and you wanna know how much the cost? Almost free because to celebrate 7 Deadly S(K)ins 7th Birthday they have set their Group joining fee to just 7Lds!  More about that at the end.

You even get the Fatpack of shades from one the palest of pales to a lovely dark shade.  Lucky me because the Lucky Chairs rezzed just enough for me to spot my initial on one of them so I’ve scored a second skin pack which is just as lovely as this and with it being in a darker shade pack just what I need.

These do come only in Omega Appliers and System Layers but I think most of us have the Omega Appliers as standard and of course the system layers is for you BOM users.  Best of all one click covers you from head to toe and you get the brow/browless options.

This is the note that is sent out in the group and I can’t wait for a nice quiet period to head on back over and check out the rest and if the Lucky Board skin I won is any reflection of the other Lucky Board prizes I may just loiter for a while to see what else I can win.

Time to celebrate! 7 Deadly s[K]ins is 7 years old and we went over the 70000 group members!
7 Days EXCLUSIVE gifts
7 Days 7 linden GROUP join
7 CAMPING chairs
7 Midnight Mania boards
7 Tag & WIN rounds on FACEBOOK
BTW There is also a Male Group Gift which I can’t wait to try out on the free male mesh body that was gifted to us not too long ago.
These two skins were just in front of you when you go into the shop, as I mentioned the shop was so busy it took a while for anything to rezz for me but you should find them pretty easy.

7 Deadly S(K)ins