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Get Fat(packs). (Freebies).

When I saw the quality, and quantity, of the Group Gifts on the table at the Les Femme’s shop I would have bet that this group would have a joining fee and I would have lost the bet as it is a FREE Group.

I only grabbed three of the gifts as I just like it when I can leave nice surprises for others to find.

The top outfit comes in two pieces and you get a BIG Fatpack of colours.  This bottom outfit is a one-piece and it too comes as a fatpack. The third item I picked up was a skirt and top set, can be worn as separates and also had a big fat hud it also had those overextended “trumpet” sleeves which is a great look just not a look I look great in.

When I LM grab I’m going to have another look at the table of gifts just to make sure I’m not missing a “keeper”.

Les Femmes