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Close but not close enough!(Freebie).

I picked this top up from the Marketplace shop since I picked a few other things up I can’t remember if it was free or a dollarbie. I did know it was free inworld so I TP’d to the Aquara shop to make sure it was, it is, and to see if there was any other freebie/group gift, there isn’t.

The reason I was hoping there was another gift is that this is a Maitreya only fit and if you look closely you can see its a bit too gappy for me to wear esp at the back. The poster behind me shows the other colours in the hud, I particularly like the striped ones as the stripe to me has a slight metallic sheen to it.  You also get a shader hud.

There isn’t much stock in the Aquara shop but it looks like it’s a new one and there is plenty of space for things to come, I did rather like the set of poses but apart from this top I didn’t buy anything.