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Art for Free

I came across this store & Gallery from The Stay At Home Club offers. At the time the large print “Breathe” was the gift, its the lower print – and it is now proudly hung in my SL bathroom. This appears to have now been replaced by the print “Passage Home”, which is equally as beautiful. Bellissa Dion is the owner of the store / gallery, interesting note card about her at the entrance. The pictures are all taken by her within Second Life. They have a dreamy and relaxing feel to all of them, beautiful. (1Li each)

The latest stay at home gift out is the matching manicure ! You can wear her art as well as look at it – how cool.

I did treat myself to an mani & pedi set while I was there – just $75L for the two together. This one is called “childs play” lots of pinks and purples – yum ❤

Montage Gallery