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Cheeky! (Freebie(s)).

I walked straight past the Free Group Gifts but luckily enough I walked back out the shop to check the landscaping, I have a habit of looking at a shops decor and landscaping for inspiration lol, and that’s when I spotted the G-Shot Gifts on the wall next to the reception desk.

In this case, the freebie is just the skirt.

A seriously good skirt and the addition of a hud with some bright sunny colours and some more muted shades means an all year round skirt.

There are other excellent Group Gifts and I know I’ve shown you at least one of them, a very saucy top, which I still have.  There are plenty of fits but because it’s just got my SLink HG fit I’m not bothering to show you the rest of the gifts because it means some of you have a lovely surprise waiting for you.