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Landmark Included. (Freebie(s)).

Good Morning World.

On our sim, we have a small token of these amazing basalt columns which Ireland is famous for and one day I hope to actually visit them.  Until then SL will have to do.

What you can’t see is that in front of me is also another well-known landscape and that is Stonehenge.  I’ve not had a chance to check out the rest of the sim to see if there is any other major big build but I’m happy with just these two.

Although I do love this picture it’s not allowing me to show you the quality detailing on this skirt, the folds, creases and wrinkles which give it such a “real” look and the addition of the patterned top make for an excellent gift.

You get this from a shop called Fafa.  It does have an “ethnic” theme to the colours and textures in their range but as of yet, there isn’t much stock so it’s a shop to keep an eye on. There is another freebie for a man and another freebie for one of the BIG freebie groups.