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Today I’m going to “Stay at home club” allllll day.(Freebie(sssssssss).

As that list of amazing “The stay at home club” gifts grows I’ve seen so many new things I really want so today I’m going to hop from shop to shop grabbing the goodies and as I go on my travels I will be checking the shops for any other freebies/discounts and maybe even treating myself along the way if I find something I can use in my SL life.

My first “The stay at home club” visit was the Xclusive shop.  As someone who doesn’t really need any menu-driven furniture/decor apart from the standard sit poses the Xclusive shop isn’t one I visit. I do know the name pretty well as this brand has been a big shop in SL for as long as I can remember.

I went for the pool and walked away with so much so as they have been so generous with their (TSAHC) gifts and for me, the icing on the cake is that the 3 scenes I unpacked all turned out to be MODABLE…Oh Hell YES!  This particular scene with the tree, well and the weed/flower-covered cobbles is just such a lovely example of what’s on offer.  I’ve already taken this one apart and repurposed the bits I want.

Do this with caution as in this case this is a non-copy item so once you’ve ripped it apart you will struggle to put it back together as it is, unless you return to the shop and pick up another copy of it.

However, it has to be said that this and the other scenes I rezzed are perfectly designed to be just rezzed and left alone.  Considering the detailing of the builds the prims are more than reasonable so for those who aren’t into creating their own little plots of heaven to be able to just rezz a perfect build makes their lives so much more easier and of course so easy to change! If you get sick of one scene a click removes the whole thing ready for a fresh new design to be rezzed.

BTW I did rezz the pool and not only was I more than impressed with that the AO’s in the floaties are so well done


The Stay at Home Club, Blogg.