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300Ld Gift Card.

Good Morning, psst it’s Thursday and sad to say I only know that because this is the green bin day!

Velour has a fav VIP Gift Card out for us and even though it’s for VIP’s only…we’re all VIPs as that is a free group.  As you can imagine it’s busy at the moment so like a sneaky little tart I TP’d in and grabbed it.  I am actually not 100% sure what this shop sells but I’m sure I spotted lipsticks and poses.  Actually, I’m gonna check out the SL Marketplace to see if it’s on there so I can check out what I’d like to spend my credit on.

And yes there is a Marketplace shop and from that, I can see it’s all makeup and most, but not all, seems to be for Genus and BOM.  I did spot some Lelutka but I deffo did see poses in the shop so there may be other things inworld but not on the Marketplace.


Velour (Marketplace).