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But me no Butts. (Freebies@Apple Fall).

Anyone who owns a home will know that dotted around the Apple Fall shop are hidden freebies and it’s only when your pointer is hovering over the goodies that you see they have been set to zero.

Imp gave me the heads up that there are NEW ones, as well as some golden oldies, and she is right.

I will not tell you where to find this Butt planter or any of the old and new gifts as the reason they’re dotted around the shop is to make people look at everything for sale.  So hunt and seek for yourself but I will say make sure that before you head off into the shop make sure to check out everything at the LM as there are some new to me gifts.

I’ll also say make sure to check out the “Outlet” department, at the back of the shop you will see a dresser and above that is a big pink framed picture with “outlet” written on it and one click of that takes you to that department and yes there are some more freebies in there.

The Apple Fall shop is now up in the sky so if you’ve not checked it out since it’s move then use my LM.

Big Thanks to Imp for this reminder as I’ve picked up even more stuff I will be using in my home.

Apple Fall

1 thought on “But me no Butts. (Freebies@Apple Fall).”

  1. I did but I’m leaving those as suprises. Mind you I almost missed the best gifts myself in the LM. Did you see the new Macarons on a notebook? And they’ve broke up the old AF shop and popped it in a box for us so useful for backdrops and there is the glass doors which are so lovely. Mind you even though the builds were broken down TOO many prims so I couldn’t even rezz them on our sim! Thanks for the heads up.


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