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Alexa says it’s Tuesday. (Free Mesh Head).

Catwa has done something I wish a few other shops would do when they have a special going on and that is the FREE Mesh head which everyone wants has now been placed out in THREE LOCATIONS!!!! Finally, some common sense! This means I now have the free Catwa head as although the LM was busy it was not stupid crazy busy and the mesh head is right at the LM, set to 0Ld to buy.

This offer does actually go on till May the 24th, I did think that it was only out for a much more limited time so it was good to see we all have a chance now of getting it.

I’ve not even unpacked it yet and I can’t wait as now I have this “unisex” head and mesh body I’m hoping to create a nice male shape which you may never see but it would be nice to have that option.

PS! I am pretty sure that this free head has been removed from the main Catwa shop so unless you want to shop there stop trying.

LM 1.

LM 2. (This is the one I used)

LM 3.