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One out of three.(Freebies).

As soon as I logged in I logged out as I’d forgotten I was wearing one of the excellent new freebies from Hilly Haalan.

I remember this dress so this is a reblog but I also suspect that it’s possibly updated, maybe?

The reason I remember this dress is because it ticks all the boxed, great colour, texturing, fit, classy, elegant and yet still understated.  I quite possibly still have this in my invent and you should make sure you do as well so go get it and while you’re there pick up the other two freebies.  The gown drapes over you like liquid gold and the way it falls at your feet is the sign of quality.  The thirdt freebie is a beachy/evening/casual summer look and I didn’t pick that up but I don’t doubt it’s as top quality as all the freebies you get from Hilly’s.

Hilly Haalan.