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Deseptively sweet and simple. (Freebie).

Blimey, it’s turned so cold in RL my cats are giving me lots of dirty looks as I won’t put the fire on…when they pay the bill they can put the heating on lol.

Now that we have our sim 95% perfect, it’s time for me to start working on my home, so I remembered to “Lock” the house in place so I don’t accidentally delete it AGAIN and slowly but surely I’ve added a few more items inside. When I’d done enough I decided to take a break and visit a shop I’d previously got a decent Freebie/Dollarbie from and I wasn’t disappointed.

Deceptively simple design, plenty of fits and enough mesh body fits for everyone. You don’t need to join the group to buy it it’s actually set for free for all.  Next to it on the desk is a couple of other items of clothing, one for 25Lds and one for 1Ld.  Both of these are a “Blast from the past” in that they’re a mix of appliers and FLEXI! I actually think that when it’s well-scripted the floatiness of flexi can be rather good and one of the flexi outfits has some bold colour to it.  I remember in the past teaming up a flexi skirt with a mesh corsette and damn it looked good so sometimes picking apart an outfit to make others up can work really well.

Ema’s and Sharodies Design