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Going to get manly! (FREE Mesh Body Info).

The Mesh Body Project is giving away a Free Classic Mesh Body.  This isn’t a Legacy Body but it was created by the Legacy team so those of us who have paid for our Legacy bod aren’t seeing the same one now being given away for free.

I don’t need a new bod, I’m still in love with my SLink one and now just a bit more in love with my perky t*ts one however this is the perfect chance for me to get all manly and pick up a male shape because YES there is one for the men as well which is great to see.

I am sure I saw somewhere a free male mesh head as well or I might buy one but really I will just have to see as although I do occasionally see freebies for men as you can imagine it’s hard to model them.  I wonder if I should dust off one of my ALTs and get him updated…never mind it’s something to think about.

So this in an info only post because as you can imagine the sim is LAG HELL!  Hopefully, you will catch it when it’s calmed down a bit as it’s just too good a gift to miss.

PS.  I’ve just thought, Sod that I’m getting BOTH shapes!

Free Classic Mesh Body.

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