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Happy Humpday. (Freebies).

Look what I found while rummaging in my invent.

I was going to leave it there for Faith to find but decided I’d take a piccie instead as it gave me a nice idea, why not check out your invent and find some old clothes/furniture etc put them on or rezz them and marvel at how much things have changed in SL.

This dress IS a reblog of an oldie obviously not as old as the Tyrannosaurus but it has been out for maybe a couple of years.  These horn things are new, to me.

I don’t actually have a phobia about horns and things like that, although having something “growing” out of your head is still a bit “yikes, nope” so I do try to avoid this sort of thing but it’s mainly down to the fact like jewellery and nails etc I just don’t have the time to show them off.

I stumbled upon these along the way of trying to find new things and since the dress is so good and those twiggies are new I’m going for these.

You find these not in the Soru… or ….shop but in the little shed which stands between these 2 shops.  It’s such a small platform it’s hard to miss.  Check out the shops as well, I tried on a demo for a floaty “mermaid” dress which was so pretty and I think it was only 119Lds which was much cheaper than I’d expected.

As for the rest of the day I know for a fact that a few hunts are starting so that’s my Sunday sorted.

PS.  There are a couple more gifts in the shed, the piggie in the cup is probably in everyones invent for a very good reason so again if you don’t like what you see still pop over.

Sorumin & Loki

4 thoughts on “Happy Humpday. (Freebies).”

  1. Love to follow your blog, always the best stuff at little cost:)
    In this post I looove your hair also, could you tell where it is from?

    Big hug

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    1. Hi GlimmerBoo! Thanks for reading our blog – Id hazzard a guess that Zan is wearing a Mina hair – she usually is ! I will ask her though xx


    2. Faith is right it’s a Mina’s hair. Called “Zahra” but I’ve taken a walk around Mina’s shop and can’t find it, however, there is the same hair but has been updated with prettier ties called “Cienna” and you will find that at the back of the shop where the green couches are. I’m wondering if “Zahra” has been retired to Mina’s MP shop so you might want to check that out.


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