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Just for clarification, Genus Bento Head Gift.

For some reason, lately, I’ve not been able to access comments, fortunately, today that seems to have resolved itself…methinks Faith gave WordPress a kick up the ass.

The reason I say “fortunately” is not just because of the nice comments people leave but Nadjantor left this comment.

“A note of clarification, though: Although the head is called “Strong Face,” it is *not* either of the Strong Face heads that Genus Project sells. It is a completely brand new head made specifically as a gift. I know some people who had bought one of the Strong Faces were miffed when this gift came out, as they thought that everyone was getting something for free that they paid 5500L for, but it is completely different”.

I am so pleased she sent this as I think I too would have been royally PO’d if I’d just bought this head only to find out it was being given out as a freebie.

Again it really is a quality mesh head and I’m already searching the MP for skins/make-up etc as I have a feeling there will be a lot of Genuses (sic) out there.