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Not my best look buttt….(FREE Genus Head!)

I saw this offer on the list of shops giving us generous gifts to help our “stay indoors” a little bit less boring.   I totally ignored it as thought that it was only free for group members and the group came with a hefty joining fee and I was 100% wrong.  Thanks to Kiylee.

Not only is the Genus group totally free but you can also pick this gift up through the group notices which considering how packed the inworld shop is, 57 AVs when I last checked!  I think the reason the inworld shop is so busy is that there is also a discount sale going on.

I can’t give you the direct link to the group but I can tell you that this free head is labelled “Support from the Genus Project Team” so look for that in the group notices.

Yes ok, not my best look but read on.

This head is called “Strong Face” and I’m sure Kiylee mentioned that it was originally 5000Ld but I could be wrong.  Yes, I know who’d pay 5000Ld to look like this but all mesh bodies/heads need to be tweaked and this is how the head looks on my shape. TBH it doesn’t look much better on the recommended shape that comes with it but again we gotta tweak till we fit and since you seem to get a full hud to play with.  Personally, I’d want to thin the lips and open the eyes however the skin is lovely, nice ears and that nose is to die for!

UPDATE:  WOWSER! Ignore the goofy look I’m wearing! In my invent I found some Genus body shapes in a demo pack I’d picked up some time and just out of curiosity I tried a couple of those shapes on and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  So again ignore how I look and think of how you would change this look.

Honestly I literally just did a couple of tweaks with the hud, turns out this IS a full bento head! I used one of the shapes from the demo pack I already had I think it’s called “Baby” and that popped the eyes out perfectly.  I’ve not worked out how to thin the lips but I know I should be able to do it.

So if that first picture put you off hopefully this second one will encourage you to go get it.

PS Remember I’m wearing a different skin on my body.

Genus Project (Inworld Shop)

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  1. Hey Zan, thank you for blogging this extremely generous gift! A note of clarification, though: Although the head is called “Strong Face,” it is *not* either of the Strong Face heads that Genus Project sells. It is a completely brand new head made specifically as a gift. I know some people who had bought one of the Strong Faces were miffed when this gift came out, as they thought that everyone was getting something for free that they paid 5500L for, but it is completely different.

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