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Goodbye Old Friend. (Just insane rambling).

Since my RL gym membership has been put on hold I did what the rich and famous do and bought my “perfect” body with the money saved on my RL gym membership lol.

This is the Legacy “Perky” body, and as soon as I saw it, tried it, I wanted it and now I own it.  Not cheap at 5000Lds but that’s less than 1 months RL gym sub lol. If you already own a Legacy Body then you will see that you can get this shape for only 2500Lds.

As someone who has always wanted a smaller perky boob shape, I absolutely LOVE this and of course, there are more and more Legacy offers out there but now for the “Nooo” moment.

Sadly it turns out that my beloved Pumec skin called Agatha is not a good fit.  I did buy the Legacy Hud from Pumec so I could blend my Agatha skin to my body but nope the dreaded neckline is just too bad and yes I did try both of the neck blenders in the Legacy and Pumec hud and it actually made it worse.

Sadly since I couldn’t find my Agatha skin in the Pumec shop, because if the skin had been updated I would have bought it again as I love it that much, but it’s gone so it looks like poor “Aggie” is now on a dusty SL shelf never to be seen again.

Pumec prices I’ve always thought were and still are more than reasonable and I’m wearing a demo skin from Pumec so I could check that the neck and body line is seamless and although those thin demo lines are distracting from what I can see they do blend either perfectly or pretty good, again it’s hard to tell with the demo lines.

It’s the lips, I’ve always struggled with finding lips I like, I’m just not a fan of the fat pout that is so common.  In this case I’ve layered some of my fav Alaskametro make up on and it fits perfectly so I know that if I don’t find a new skin with thinner lips then at least I can return to Pumec and this will be the new me.

BTW, The gap on my pants, a lot of my clothes are just for SLink fits but I do keep some Maitreya clothing that fits decently enough such as with these pants. I just live with them, no one is perfect in RL and it seems to be the case in SL so I have just learned to live and love those little gaps in clothing.