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The Virtual Tourist

So we all seem to be locked down and unable to get out and about very often. I thought Id start a new feature as and when we find something we think you might enjoy looking at. Might be beautiful sims, amazing builds – anything that means you can at least explore Second Life while you cant explore real life ! If you have any ideas or suggestions please drop either myself (Faithless Babii) or Zan Beck a note card ❤ I found this quaint little Italian island called Basilique ~ Lago di Garda. Its an amazing sim to wander around – I love Italy, I love their architecture, the narrow winding alleys. There are shops to mooch, cafes to sit in and plenty of photo ops.

The main feature is the Basilique / Church – its so beautiful. Lots of details and a really restful place to be in. I spent about 40 mins scooching around, then took a seat in a street cafe while I tended to my real life work “invoicing” ! Dotted around on the water are little boats acting as teleporters, so you can effortlessly move around from one place of interest to another.

Basilique ~ Lago di Garda