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Found it !

Since we have redesigned our sim (well to be honest Zan has done all the hard work) I’ve been rezzing and removing a ton of chicken coops that I already own. Nothing was really working, and boy-oh-boy I own quite a few chickens & coops ! I have scoured the market place looking at likely replacements with my list of requirements. The chickens had to be life like, nothing too noisy, low Li, not too large and dead pretty! I know I know I’m a bit fussy but I wanted it to be just right. I found THEE one at HJM Designs – headed over to the inworld store to check it out and knew straight away – this was the chicken coop for me !  Two of the chickens are animated and peck at the ground, there is a gentle amount of chicken noises, 10Li for the whole scene and such glorious textures. It fits perfectly into the space I had in mind 100/100 boom sold ! I met up with the owner of HJM Janine Mortenwold in store – had a little chat about life and chicken coops etc , turns out she has a new chicken coop soon to be released also ! I’ll show you that when its launched. Quite a few Easter themed releases dotted around – have a peek.

You’ll find the coop in the outside section btw.

HJM Designs market place store

HJM in world store