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My two pennith worth…and of course FREEBIE(S)).

First as always the Freeness.

I don’t know the Juli Fashion shop, found it through TeleportHub, and I almost TP’d out but I’d spotted this freebie and I was determined to find it and in the end, it turned out to be easy to find…look on the floor and follow the “Gift” sign or head towards the discount dept.

I picked up more than this outfit but the sizes are random and so I went with this one and the rest can be a nice surprise.

BTW Make sure to check out the shop, a lot of “classic” designs but there were some items which picqued my interest and I even grabbed a few demos to try out.

NOW for the boring stuff and My tips.

Take advantage of all the free trial periods, try Amazon Prime for the month for free and you not only can watch a load of TV shows, films, music and books for free! You, of course, lose any music/books once the trial period is over.  I’m going to get the free 7 days for the Shudder channel which is a horror film channel.

Think about all those sponsored adds on Youtube for things like Audible, which Faith has mentioned, and Skillshare, find your fav YouTuber and see if you can use their link so you help them out and get a taster of something you may like to keep.

Of course on Youtube there are so many people happy to share their skills, Faith has chosen knitting but I use the embroidery and painting ones but now it’s time to check out the excellent exercise sessions.

I LOVE this channel as they have everything to suit everyone, from hi-impact to people with serious mobility issues.  I love how they work as a team as one shows you the normal program while the other one has adapted it for those who may struggle.  I also love the sets they have where not steps are repeated so you flow from one set of exercises to another which stops you from being bored.

If that is too much for you then check out this Tai Chi class.

As someone who did yoga for a few years I loved it and I know that at first you will feel silly but it is amazing how quickly you learn to switch off what’s going on around you and also whats going on in your head.  I’m checking out Faiths link for the Meditation site.  It seems funny that when we have so little we can do we want to slow down and do even less but Tai Chi and meditation makes you feel so much more centred and aware of what’s going on after you have finished.

Check out the Picmonkey picture editing site.  There is a free option which although you don’t get the full pack of editing options to give you enough to smooth out the rough edges.

Dig out all of your old beauty products, both Faith and I have done it. OMG will you be shocked at how many creams, lotions, lipsticks etc that you forgot you had.  Have a rummage in your panty and I’m sure you can spare a bit of food to make yourself a nice facemask. We shall emerge from this enforced ..fatter but with great hair and skin!

Get off Instagram and FB and those sites where you swipe left or right, how much of a time drain are those damned sites! Only Pintrest if you really intend on doing something that inspires you and not just something to add to your

Make a list and break your day down to bite-size pieces, schedule a time to sit and craft, a time to clean out a cupboard, a time to Sl, a time to go out for your once a day walk, if allowed, etc and at the end of the day instead of feeling that yet another day has dragged by you can look at your list and see what you actually did and plan a list for the next day.  My “list” says it’s now time to have a snack and a coffee, then put those dishes away.  SL for a bit longer before I settle down in front of a TV prog and work some more on the dollhouse I bought.

PS.  Chances are you lot have already thought of all of this cos we’re not silly but if something gives someone an “oooh, I never thought of that” moment it’s been worth it.

Juli Fashion