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The Sh*t is getting real! (Mention of, almost, FREE Credit).

I’m gonna show you a picture and let you guess who the free credit is with.

If you guessed Raspberry then you need to go to the back of the class…BLUEBERRY HAS A FREE, ok almost free, GROUP GIFT CARD/CREDIT FOR US!

The heads up came from Imp, and shame on me because I was actually already in the Blueberry group but we/I all get so many notices/notes etc things like this can slip by us and I would have been seething if I’d missed out getting more credit for this great shop.

It goes without saying the sim is HEAVING! Packed tighter than Micheal Phelps swimming trunks so I moaned to Imp and that’s when she told me I didn’t even have to get into the sim as you can get the credits though the group notices and then when the sim has calmed down go in and redeem them.

Sorry I can’t seem to work out how to put the link so you can join the group from that link so I will put the LM in instead.

PS.  The Blueberry group costs but only a piddling 20Ld and for that, you get some great GG’s in the main area as well as this credit.


The sh*t hits the fan tomorrow because although everything got the shutdown notices on Fri this is the first day of the “working week” and I think that’s when the feeling of being trapped or out of control starts for many.

I don’t want to be all light-hearted and pithy, no selfie of me “self fucking isolating” like so many celebs because for a LOT of us this is financially, emotionally and physically frightening.  I am ok, those who I love and care for so far are ok, those who I can’t stand can just run out of toilet paper as far as I’m concerned.

The one big thing I’ve seen amongst all the bad behaviour is those who have stepped up to help their neighbour and neighbourhoods, it has been absolutely heartwarming to see that.  So if you NEED HELP just ask for it!  There is no shame in holding your hand up and saying “Hi, can anyone help?”.

If you’re already feeling bored and knowing you’re facing weeks/months of this dig out those craft kits you’ve been hoarding, log into youtube and watch a craft lesson or watch a documentary.  Finally, take up the offer of a free months subscription to one of those online learning platforms that are advertised by YouTubers all the time.  If like me you have a garden, it’s planning/planting time and on and on.

I know this sounds easy but in the end, we can’t make it any harder than it will be we can only try our best to make it easier.