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Springing into Spring. (Freebie(s) & Cheapies).

Yup in the UK today is officially the first day of Spring and there is a very nice event going on called “35Ld Welcome Spring” or something like that lol.

Lots and lots and lots of FREEBIES and lots and lots of bargains as every stall has at least one item priced at 35Lds and the rest of the stuff is discounted. Every stall has at least one thing priced at 35Ld and everything else is discounted so price check before you buy and there is a really nice mix of clothing and decor.

I can’t say much more as I have to RL now but I thought I’d do a quick post as for some of you you will be SLing whilst I’m RLing and this event will give you something to do and so many gifts to unpack it’s a lovely way to distract yourself.

PS.  This dress is obv a freebie and you get a fat pack of colours and matching strappy wedges to match.

Welcome Spring