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Sparks Bangs Again(Freebie(s)).

Sparks sent me a note which was a reminder to check out a shop I know well called Yumyum OR DP Yumyum or Barbery Yumyum…I can never work out but what I do know is that the “DP” stands for Double Paradox which is also the name of the free group you join the grab the goodies.

This scarf hair was a gift from a massive hair fair from a few years ago, I still remember the thrill of grabbing all the goodies inc this one but I’m not sure if this is a recent addition to the other Freebies in the shop and it’s a good now as then.

As you can see the scarf is excellent and if by chance you don’t like it one click of the hud and it’s gone, another couple of clicks will allow you to change the colour and fit of the hair.  As it happens without the scarf the hair has a lot going on at the back, a thick pinned up plait.

This is the same hair but you may notice a change and that’s the addition of “bangs” or as we call it a fringe.

Yup, a free fringe hairpiece.  I did try it on with a few of my hats and didn’t find one that I was happy with enough to do a close-up picture, what I did find was a whole folder of hats that should have been binned years ago as they most certainly have not aged well.  So I just popped it on with this hair as it does allow me to show you that you can match it up with the whole colour palette.

There are other FREE Hairs but I have shown them to you before so I will leave them for you to check out.

I absolutely love the hair in this shop, it’s young, flyaway, light, delicate etc so try it out and there is also a discount section plus although this is mainly a hair shop it has a small selection of planting for your home which like the hair is delicate.

PS.  On my return visit to LM grab, I also grabbed the lemon pair of earrings as I loved them…I will probably never wear them but you never know.

DP Yumyum