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Meet Lucy. (Free Complete Mesh Body!).

It’s one of Faith’s Golden Rules and that’s not to show “Demo’s” because as she once said “if we don’t think it’s worth buying then how can we show it” or something like that because it was God knows how many years ago but I have a totally legit reason for not only showing you a demo but also just my back.


Oddly enough you get it from “Lucy’s shoes” or “Lucyshoes” which is a shoe shop and I was so excited I’ve actually forgotten the proper name of the shop.

You get everything from the neck down, so body, feet and hands.  A pretty bloody good Hud which allows you to change the foot shape, hands, skin colour etc and the reason I’m showing you my back is I am wearing the very pointy/puffy nipples from the hud which made me giggle way too much.  These Maitreya panties fitted perfectly but as it happens the Alpha menu is very extensive, much more finely detailed which means you may be able to wear a lot more of your clothing than you think.  The colour it came in almost fitted my Pumec skin perfectly and I thought the feet and slim fine fingers were particularly well designed, but one small moan is I think the shading around the boobs is a little bit off BUT really this is a stunning gift.

This is a MM (Midnight Mania Gift) which when I slapped it was about 250 mark and when it hits 350(ish) this gift is sent out to everyone…go slap that board!

PS. If you want to try the demo out I spotted it in the shop not too far away from the MM board.

UPDATE: DAMN I thought I was going to be a “First” but the Lucy shop is now heaving so obviously this has gone out in a group/groups.

Another “UPDATE” because I’m still playing with the demo version, still loving it, and I did notice when you change the skin tone you get patches but don’t panic as I spotted that if you click on one of the “bright” option boxes the patches match up.

Lucy Shoes