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This is me having a “WTF” moment. (Freeeeeeebies).

I’m trying to find something, I know exactly what I want but what I don’t know is where to find it which is how I ended up at DRD (Death Row Designs) and that’s me in the corner of the picture having my “WTF” moment.

All of those boards in front of me are old Group Gifts.  I do recognise some and some I don’t.  They are nearly all decor items with some wearables as I spotted the Helmet and I think some weapons.  Not all of it is dark in nature and there are rugs, kitchenalia, furniture etc which would suit many.

Since I’d struggle to pick and chose which I should show you I’m just showing you all of this temptation.  So TP over and spend a lovely Fri afternoon unpacking, chuckling, and then keeping and binning your preferred items.

PS. Nope I didn’t find what I was looking for here but I shall persist lookin.

DRD (Death Row Design)


4 thoughts on “This is me having a “WTF” moment. (Freeeeeeebies).”

  1. The SL designers are some of the most generous people you will ever meet! I love DRD and their gifts are not junk, they are first-rate quality!!!

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    1. I know, I’m always grateful when a creator puts out freebies for us and even though some of them are more Primark than Gucci it’s the thought that counts and what I may not like might just be someone elses cup of tea. As for the DRD gifts, hot damn! Although I have most of them I could see some I’ve missed out so it’s been a nice time sorting through that lot.


    1. I know! I wish we had more groups as this big give away wasn’t posted in any of the groups I am in and although I already have most of the stuff I could see new to me stuff and I’d have been kicking myself if I had missed it.


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