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A Valentine Quickie.(Freebie).

These are a Hilly Haalan Group Gift.

I think you can see clearly how nice they are so I don’t really need to say much more……apart from reminding you to turn around and you will see a stand-alone room/shop and this is where nearly all of the older Hilly Halaan gifts are kept, so make sure to check that out.

Hilly Haalan

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It cost me nothing! (10Ld Belle Epoque/TeleportHub Group Gift).

I suspected that this brand new gift from Belle Epoque wouldn’t fit me and I was right.

What a bloody shame as it has a lovely light windblown look to the skirt, wrinkled shorts sleeves etc the usual Belle Epoque quality. Since I was already in the TeleportHub Group it didn’t cost me anything but it will cost you 10Lds to join that group.

BTW it’s not a backless dress, it just the way the mesh dress looks without a body in it.

Belle Epoque

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I’m a WINNER! (Freebie Hunt & 10Ld Group Gift).

A nice quick post as I’ve had a lovely morning looking at RL snow and removing our sims snow landscape lol.

This wearable sword is a prize from the Cassie Lustre shop which has this out as a “The Princess Bride Hunt” prize.  I will admit that so far I’ve found nothing else in this hunt, not that I did many of the shops but after visiting 4 of them and this was all I found I decided to call it quits for now at least.

Although the sword does come with a hold pose this pose is one of mine.

The T-Shirt is a Group Gift from the Sass Shop, only 10Lds to join and there is another Group Gift in the cabinet next to the 2 lucky boards.  Also a couple of Lucky Boards.

I’m logging back inworld to continue on landscaping our sim and will leave the rest of the hunting to you.

Sword.(Cassie Lustre Main Shop)

Sass. (T-Shirt)

The Princess Bride Hunt. (Blog, LM’s & Hints)

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Step into Spring.(Freebie(sssssss)).

Another event and another load of FREEBIES and I’m not complaining…this time lol.

These are the Safira gift from the Belle Event.  There was another pair of pink shoes which were just as lovely but the petals on these made me chose these ones to show you.

I’ve updated this bit as I guessed the name of the shop that donated this dress to this event, it’s a shop called “Bombshell. I’m in the Bombshell shop now and will be mooching around but I can see 2 freebies in the shop so I will pop the LM at the end because I won’t be showing them to you but it’s a shame for you to miss out…cos I’m lazy.

You will have no problem finding not just these 2 gifts but ALL of them as this is another event where almost every stand has a gift box out for us.  Some of the big shop names are at this event so once I’ve done this post, had something to eat I’m logging back in to unpack and sort out not just everything from this event but I still have the rest of the 30Ld Saturday, Birthday gifts to sort through, then I’m going to check out the shops and I may/probably buy something for our sim so a nice lazy Sunday afternoon for me.

PS. Make sure to pick up the jewellery even if like me you’re not into wearing the “small things” as I call them because I found not only a pair of hooped earrings I’m keeping but a little piggie necklace.  I won’t be keeping that but I sure as heck will be checking the shop out.

Belle Events


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What a shame.(Free 250 Gift Card).

I keep my mini-map open all the time so I can see if someone is creeping up on me or if there is a gathering of people because sometimes it can lead to something interesting and in this case it did.

Native Urban has a Group Gift out for us of a generous 250Ld Gift Card and so here is what I bought with mine.

I was so excited to see these denim shoes as I don’t have any denim shoes. You get 4 versions, short, short and ragged, long and long and ragged and here is the shame part, they as well as the other shoes/clothes in the shop are top quality and here is my moaning…ONLY Maitreya and Legacy feet! I don’t understand why a whole mesh foot fit has been missed out and yes I did try both the Maitreya and Legacy fits and nope unwearable.

The shop was busy so I suspect that a note/notice has gone out about the Gift Card so I don’t know if I was suffering from a bit of lag but I couldn’t see any demo’s signs to try stuff which that meant I didn’t know about the limited fits for these shoes before I bought them and I’d just assumed the SLink fits would come as standard BUT of course these were FREE as I’d used the Gift Card.  So I’m sad that this shop has limited its fits but happy that others can use it.

The other shame is that people had been abusing the gift card and one person picked up 30!!!! Gift Cards! Wow! So not right!  When people abuse others generosity it makes them less inclined to be so generous.

Moaning aside, it is a really nice, gone from generous to just nice for me, gift and I’m sure there are demos for the shoes and clothes for you to try first AND although this isn’t a big shop there are some excellent clothing for men as well as women so if there is a man in your life give them a poke to pop over.

PS.  The note says that the greedy pigs who took more than 1 Gift Card are now blocked.

Native Urban

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I’ve got Rachels Bloomers. (30Ld Saturday Offer & Mention of Ooodles of Freebies).

As mentioned in my last post I did return to the “30Ld Saturday, Birthday Event”.  I wasn’t going to do another post on this event but I picked this 30Ld offer up and I LOVE them so much I just have to show you my “Rachel’s Bloomers”.

Style it with a simple brown/cream top which I am wearing it just happens to be a bit cropped, this makes for an interesting pair of bottoms.

There were at least 3 other 30Ld items of clothing at this event which had me very tempted but my inner voice nagged me not to buy them as I’d never wear them again but my inner voice nagged me to buy these as I can see myself wearing them often.

As mentioned each stand at this event has at least 1 item priced at 30Lds, lots of discounted items and a GIFT.  I’ve just realised I’ve not opened the gift from the Dore Papillion stand which is the one where I bought these from bloomers from.

30Ld Saturday, Birthday Event



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Take your own sweet time.(Freebie(s) & Discounts Etc).

I really cannot believe that the weekly “30Ld Saturday” offer is celebrating its 10th year in SL and by celebrating and we all know what a birthday celebration means in SL…FREEEEBIES…and discounts.

I only grabbed a couple of the gifts which inc this dress but my computer was missing whole chunks of SL out which just happens sometimes.  So I decided because I don’t want to miss anything out I will just show you this dress then log back in later and I know that everything will rezz perfectly.

PS.  I had to log back in to grab the LM and yes everything had rezzed properly so I’m looking forward to a nice quiet afternoon wandering around the whole event checking everything out when I’ve got a mug of coffee.

30Ld Saturday 10th Anniversary Event