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I’m a WINNER! (Freebie Hunt & 10Ld Group Gift).

A nice quick post as I’ve had a lovely morning looking at RL snow and removing our sims snow landscape lol.

This wearable sword is a prize from the Cassie Lustre shop which has this out as a “The Princess Bride Hunt” prize.  I will admit that so far I’ve found nothing else in this hunt, not that I did many of the shops but after visiting 4 of them and this was all I found I decided to call it quits for now at least.

Although the sword does come with a hold pose this pose is one of mine.

The T-Shirt is a Group Gift from the Sass Shop, only 10Lds to join and there is another Group Gift in the cabinet next to the 2 lucky boards.  Also a couple of Lucky Boards.

I’m logging back inworld to continue on landscaping our sim and will leave the rest of the hunting to you.

Sword.(Cassie Lustre Main Shop)

Sass. (T-Shirt)

The Princess Bride Hunt. (Blog, LM’s & Hints)