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Step into Spring.(Freebie(sssssss)).

Another event and another load of FREEBIES and I’m not complaining…this time lol.

These are the Safira gift from the Belle Event.  There was another pair of pink shoes which were just as lovely but the petals on these made me chose these ones to show you.

I’ve updated this bit as I guessed the name of the shop that donated this dress to this event, it’s a shop called “Bombshell. I’m in the Bombshell shop now and will be mooching around but I can see 2 freebies in the shop so I will pop the LM at the end because I won’t be showing them to you but it’s a shame for you to miss out…cos I’m lazy.

You will have no problem finding not just these 2 gifts but ALL of them as this is another event where almost every stand has a gift box out for us.  Some of the big shop names are at this event so once I’ve done this post, had something to eat I’m logging back in to unpack and sort out not just everything from this event but I still have the rest of the 30Ld Saturday, Birthday gifts to sort through, then I’m going to check out the shops and I may/probably buy something for our sim so a nice lazy Sunday afternoon for me.

PS. Make sure to pick up the jewellery even if like me you’re not into wearing the “small things” as I call them because I found not only a pair of hooped earrings I’m keeping but a little piggie necklace.  I won’t be keeping that but I sure as heck will be checking the shop out.

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