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I won’t be back.(Freebie)

The only reason is that about 90% of what’s on sale at the Tres Chic event is clothing and that’s not what I’m shopping for at this moment.

So I stuck my nose into this event, grabbed the freebie and made myself invisible just so I can show you this little outfit.

It comes only in a Maitreya and Legacy fit but you do get it as 3 separate items, the top, skirt and you can just see the panties.

I may not be buying anything from this event but I’ve spotted some shops I’ve not visited in quite a while and as for this outfit, it’s a “Rust Republic” outfit and the name to me isn’t very familiar so when I log in, put back on my hands, body and head and then some clothes, Rust Republic will be the next place I visit and once there I might just remember it.

Tres Chic Event