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Somethings not working…and it’s MEEEE! (Freebies).

I was planning on starting to landscape but then again check these FREEBIES out.

You may recognise the bath as this has been blogged before but as far as I know everything else is NEW.

Superb cushions and you may notice the large single one has changed colours.  You only get 2 colour options but who cares they’re both just excellently well coloured.

I’m only showing you 3 of these small shelves, you get the 2 with decor on them and 2 plain ones.

A light bench which is just as good outside as in.  You do get a couple more colour options for the cushion but sorry I forgot to try any poses out so I don’t know if it comes with any.

Finally the bath again, I just wanted to show you the water effect inside.

You will find these AND more freebies in the Revival shop but to see them all you will have to use the TP, the cafe style TP board is just there, as they seem to have been split up into 2 different areas.  The other thing is it’s the black balloons which you click on and not the item itself.  All of this is pretty obvious when you get there.

PS.  Although these are freebies I still think I should point out that they’re a lighter wood colour in SL.