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Starting over.(Freebie).

As I was working my way through the 25 Tue list, which now comes in a handy Hud, I found this Free Group Gift in the “Eveline in the box” shop.

At first glance, I almost ignored this dress it as I thought the bottom half was more Army/Camo looking and I’m just not that keen on it but since I know this shop reasonably well I snatched it up and TP’d back to our NEW SIM to try it on.  Those perky nips show how excited I am to start working on our sim and landscaping the heck out of it once Faith has seen it.

If you get the 25Ld Tue hud you can click through the pictures to see which one you like best and then click the picture and you get the LM sent to you in chat.

Eveline in the box