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Playing around. (20Ld Marketplace Shoes & Mention of Dollarbies, Cheapies etc).

It’s out with the old and in with the new, photo editing that is so I picked these up from the Shey Marketplace shop to give myself something to practice with and of course to show you.

The Shey Marketplace shop, there isn’t an inworld shop, is one you probably know very well as it’s a go-to shop for cheap/bargain-priced and quality  Again I don’t know if I’ve shown you these shoes before but it does no harm to show you  them again as they’re only 20Lds and you get a massive 28 colour hud which allows you to mix and match the parts of the shoes.

There is a total of 350 items in the 0-10Ld price bracket in their MP shop and you have everything from ice skates, which I have shown you, to handbags, flatties to towering stacked shoes.

Shey (Marketplace only)