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Surprise!!!!! (Freebie AV).

We all know Coco Designs for their adult AV clothing range but did you know that Cocoro Lemon also has a whole department of “Kid Doll and Teen/Adult AV’s”?

This “Kid Doll” AV is absolutely free, free shape, free head and a selection of free clothes which are the exact copies of ones in the main adult shop but have been rescaled to fit the smaller doll shape.

The reason this AV is called “Doll” is that if I was naked or just wearing the underwear you get then you will see all the joints of a doll, on the ankles, wrists, hips etc. She is delicate, childlike, slightly alien.  There is also the matching boy AV.  The heads are not bento so sadly you have to keep this little sad face on but the other heads with smiles, teeth gaps are for sale at I think 99Lds.  As I mentioned there are Group Gifts for this AV and with the sale going on if you like what you see you can pick the freebies up as well as some bargains to dress her/him.

One of the reasons I have the Coco Doll department bookmarked is not for the child AVs but the teen/adult ones.  Sadly there isn’t a freebie AV in that department but there is a sale on.  These teen/adult doll AV’s are so delicate, waif-like with a slightly soft alien look to her face, that’s only my opinion.

I might return at the start of next month and if the sale is still on then treat myself to one of the teen AV’s.  I won’t have to worry too much about clothes as there are more Group Gifts of Coco Design clothes which have been adapted for this shape as well.

Coco Kid Doll

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