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Just a test. (Freebie).

I can’t SL much today, boo! But I wanted to test a new photo editing program and so far so meh! Since I was using a Valentine Freebie in the picture I may as well show you it.

The dress is a gift from Egoxentrikax.  I thought it came with built-in panties which it most definitely does not so nothing is covering your blushes or your ass lol.

There are other gifts in the shop for other groups but on the wall to your right as you go in is a wall of discounted items, some of which I have blogged and from memory, the ones I bought for about 20-35ld were well worth it.



6 thoughts on “Just a test. (Freebie).”

  1. what you trying out? I’ve found Ribbet is pretty good – actually I think it was Moz who told me about it.


    1. It was/is Fotor which I already had an account for. They’ve updated their site since I last used it but God knows how long ago that was.


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