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It’s an excuse! (5Ld Dress & Mention of Freebie).

cae.b(sic)is a most interesting shop, I have a dress from here which I bought oodles of years ago and even though I never wear it I just can’t bring myself to bin it because of its uniqueness.  Plus it also acts as a reminder to return to the shop to see what’s new and in my case any new freebies and there is a freebie but it’s not this dress.

It’s a shop packed with designs you won’t really find anywhere else and add to that the use of very bold and interesting colours/patterns in the hud means you really do stand out in these clothes.

This particular dress is on the Marketplace for only 5Lds and you get a big hud with it.  There is also a Dollarbie and a 10Ld item.

The freebie is to be found in the inworld shop and it’s very nice, not unlike what I’m showing you but I preferred this patterned dress and for only 5Ld its a bargain.

BUT. The Marketplace link I’m giving you is NOT for this dress, it’s easy for find just look in the 1-10Ld bracket, I just wanted to show you the full price dress I own so you can maybe see why it’s a “keeper”.

cae.b (Marketplace Shop)

cae.b (Inworld Shop)