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Getting Sassy.(Freebie & 10Ld Gift).

I’ve been to a couple of the big events going on in SL and Oh Boy my computer is complaining and on a “go-slow” process.

Just before I decided to throw the towel in I found this Kawaii dress in the Sass shop.  It’s a TeleportHub gift, so only the 10Ld joining fee.  You get a 2 option hud, this pink version and a pastel purple one.  I love the pattern on the skirt and wish the whole dress was that pattern only.

Then I remembered these Mosquito’s Way boots which are their newest Group Gifts and couldn’t think of anything more perfect to go with this outfit.

Ok, I did forget to turn around and take a picture of the front but I think you can see that all the details are in the back which leaves the front nice and simple.

The TeleportHub Group Gift is on the wall next to the door in the Sass shop and the New Mosquito’s Way Group Gift is on the wall next to the desk but also if you check the wall to your left as you go into the Mosquito’s shop then that’s where the older gifts are and on the other side is the Lucky Chairs.

Mosquito’s Way