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No need to thank me, thank Shi instead. (Dollarbie Fatpacks).

The name “Jellyroll” tinkles a little bell in the back of my mind but if it wasn’t for the heads up off Shi I would not have found it or the Dollarbies for sale on the Marketplace…THANK YOU.

The jeans are the “Weekender” ones and I’m wearing the summery pinstripe version but in the hud, you get a total of 20 shades and textures.  There is also a nice delicate chain belt as well which you can see better in the next picture and yes I have also changed the colour of the jeans.

Loving this top, it reminds me of the sort of top ballerina’s wear when working out. Another fatpack of colours makes it such a generous and handy bargain.

If you need more shoes then check out the “Princess Heel Shoes”.  Are these items “Scandalize” quality? Of course not but I’ve paid more for less quality so I’d totally recommend you get these for yourself.

I also picked up the “Anna Sweater” but even the right fit for me was not a good fit and now that I’m checking the MP shop again I see that there is an “Anna Sweater Set” which is the sweater with a matching skirt so maybe the skirt in this pack is designed to be high enough to cover the breakthrough.  I’ve not had a chance to try that version out but for 1Ld it’s worth the risk and of course you can wear both the skirt and sweater as separates so if it’s still a bad fit then I’m pretty sure the skirt will be a good fit.

I also got the “Veronica Mini Skirt” but managed to get the demo version, I still tried it on and although it has that sharp edge to the hem the texturing is really good and teamed up with a jumper and leggings a winner

In the MP shop, there is also a lot of Dollarbie hair.  You all know I’m super spoilt with my Mina hair but not everyone has the budget for hair or wants to spend much in SL, and I don’t judge anyone, so if you want some interesting hair, because they do seem to come with some very interesting colour packs, then try them out for yourself.

There is a link to an inworld shop but in all honesty, I doubt there is an inworld shop…but I will be checking that out next time I log in.