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Heading off. (Freebie(s)).

This is me preparing to TP to a sunny and warming sim as a suitable backdrop for this bathing suit.

This is me enjoying a sunny and warming sim.

Yeah ok, not the best shot of the freebie but I had fun lol.

I’ve spent the morning checking out old LM’s and gifts etc and ended up at Queenz and Queenz is a shop with clothes designed for “Thick girls” ie the more curvacious SL shapes.  These clothes are well designed to make those curves look sexy and classy and not cartoonish.

There are quite a lot of Freebies on the wall at the bottom of the stairs, shoes, gowns, sporty clothes etc but nothing looks new to me so I picked the one outfit which gave me an excuse to hunt down a beachy sim.  This swimsuit comes with a few colours in the hud.

PS.  Don’t let the idea of the clothes being just for curvy asses as they inc Maitreya, Freya etc