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She broke it first!!!! (Freebie(s)).

I’m glad Faith decided to break one of the very few rules we have for the blog to tell you about the closing down sale at Rebel Hope.  I always look at it this way that the person behind the label feels for whatever reason that time has moved on and so should they, hopefully to bigger and nicer things.

So the fact she broke first means I feel no guilt at showing you one of my all-time fav freebies.

This is the one out of my invent and I can’t remember the fits etc as I binned all but what I can wear and I’m actually wearing the SLink HG which is still a good fit even over my SLink P bod. I did check and it with some other Group Gifts are still out and it’s still free to join so go grab it now.

PS.  I’ve cammed over the sale items and then TP’d out as soooo many bargains!

Rebel Hope.