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I didn’t go wild! (Freebies).

The Gimmie Gacha event is up and running which means lots of tempting Gacha’s and gifts.  I didn’t see many, if any, clothes in the gift boxes but I suspect I was having rezzing issues as it took a while for any gift box to appear, so you never know.  I did find this though in the Bunbun Gift box.

I’ve been logged out for a while since I took this picture, damn RL work! but if I’m remembering correctly this does have a really nice soft but strong glow to it.  Will have to check that when I can log back in and I might return to the event to see if I did miss more gifts plus there are some Animesh Rats I’m being so tempted to treat myself to.

Before I TP’d to the Gimmie Gacha event I was at the Egocentrikak shop where I’d picked up this top for free.

There is a whole mix of free group gifts and paid for group gifts and a nice discounted section where I recognise a few items I have blogged before.

BTW The jeans, which I have worn almost constantly since I picked them, up are on sale for only 33Lds. Even though I am wearing my SLink bod the fit is more than fine and I often wear this will crop tops I love these jeans so much I’m tempted to treat myself to a green pair in RL.  Anyhow these are in the Amataria shop and although the sign over the sale board says “50Lds” the items under are less than that and again in this case 33Ld for these jeans

UPDATE: So if you do go to the Amataria shop you will notice the large board with pictures of the Group Gifts but what you may not notice is on the other side of the reception desk are some more Group Gift in gift bags.  I have no idea of what they contain but if they’re the same quality as the gifts on the board then you will be in for some treats. ALSO, I noticed that both the big boards of the 50Ld and 125Ld items are actually reduced even more so if there is something on those boards do a price check and you may be tempted by the extra discounted price.


Gimmie Gacha Event