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I have Princess T*ts! (Freebies).

Another LM I picked up this morning was for a shop called “If Designs” and that’s where “Princess T*ts” comes from.

First, a freebie that won’t get you kicked off a non-adult sim.  I don’t know if I’ve blogged this exact dress or one pretty similar but I do recognise that this style has been blogged.  Plenty of fits and a hud which allows you to change it all.

Now for the T*ts.

I hope you’re not too disappointed lol.  Anyhow I almost binned this one without opening it as I assumed it would be a tattoo but nope it’s a mesh layer.  Like the dress, you get plenty of fits and a decent colour hud with slider option.

To find these 2 gifts plus a few other freebies you will find them on the wall with the “Last Arrivals”.  There are a couple of Animesh wearables just inside the door next to the Gacha’s.  This isn’t a big shop so you shouldn’t have any issues finding them.

If Designs