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Under the radar. (Freebies/Dollarbies).

You may recognise this suede dress as I did blog it not too long ago.

It’s just outstanding quality which is why I returned to Lilleth Mills which is the shop I got it from in the hopes there are new freebies and woo hoo there are.

I certainly don’t remember this but it may have been out for us.  Plenty of fits. Loving the Christmas colours and yet it’s not schmaltzy Christmassy. Can be worn separately.

The colours are divine, my sort of colours, and just look at the realistic folds.

The clothes in this shop have just that “edge” which makes them stand out as quality.  Some of the designs such as the first simple shift dress is pretty common but the fit, seams, folds and texturing is all top quality and if you want to treat yourself from the shop I don’t think they’re unreasonably priced when you see the quality.  For now, I’m more than happy with these freebies but when I have a massive cleanout of my clothes in the New Year I may just return and buy myself a couple of pieces.  As it happens I’m now at the Sense event as I think there is an outfit from this shop there that I may just buy.

BTW.  I can’t remember if once you’ve joined the Free Group the 1Ld you pay is returned to you so not 100% sure if these are free or dollarbies.  These are on the wall but there is also a free group gift on the table…you will see it.

Lilleth Mills