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You probably already know buttt…(Freebies).

I know I’m probably telling you something you already know but I’d hate for you to miss out so even if there is just one person who reads this and goes “ooo” it’s worth it.

I lagged my way over the Scandalize to grab today’s advent gift which is tucked under the Christmas tree and it turns out that ALL of the past Advent gifts are still open.  So I clicked and scored myself all of the gifts.  Obviously, this outfit is one of them and because it comes in my SLink P fit I decided to go with it.  Each gift comes with a hud and some are the complete fat pack of colours others it’s just bits of the outfits you can change.

Of course, there is a whole wall of Group Gifts and Lucky Boards and everything is FREE.  At one stage the Scandalize group cost but even then at 99Lds it was a piddling amount for what you got but it has been free for a long time now so just in case you didn’t know head on in there.

PS.  As you can imagine it’s a bit packed at Scandalize so you may find it takes a while for the gifts to be sent to you but of course it also means that the turn over on the Lucky Boards is extremely quick.