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I’m so happy to leave you. (Freebie(s)).

From 9am tomorrow morning it’s time for me to take a break from both work and SL but just for 24 hours because you know I need to feed my Freebie Addiction so I will be back on Monday raring to go.

Till then I am happy to leave you with this deceptively simple freebie.  This is actually just the top half as it does come with a skirt but the skirt and top clash and not in a good way.  Separately they’re brill items just not together so I’ve gone with the item which I can totally wear all the time and yes it’s those damned green jeans again.  I swear in RL I’m buying this shade for myself.

My biggest surprise was the shop it came from its called AlaFoile and  I will be honest and admit that it’s been years since I last visited or seen any sort of post/blog/freebie/event with clothing from this shop so I just assumed it had gone but nope it’s still there.  Some amazing designs and the use of colours and patterns is stunning. There are a couple of dresses which had me going “Oh Yeah!” but for me just not worth the investment as I’d never really wear them but I bet you would think the same thing if you saw them.

The AlaFoile group does cost 400Lds to join but there are gift boxes in the Horn Of Plenty, easy to see, which are free for everyone.  I will say that I suspect a lot of those gifts are old and the new ones are for the group but I don’t have time to unpack them so I will leave them as a surprise for you.

As for this top, and the skirt I’m not showing you, it’s a POE Hunt Gift.  I think most of us now know that that stands for “Peace on Earth” and this round has about 72 shops involved.  Fortunately for us if you tap the board at any shop involved in the hunt you get a note with all the hints and also in the note a Hud with the LMs.