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Who wouldn’t want a, free, Pony and a classic dose of Dickens.

I was minding my own business, snivelling into a hanky when this notice board popped into my invent.

I have always wanted a pony either a Palamino or a Dapple Grey just like this one and although they’re companion ponies and not riding ones I’d still love one BUT I’m away at the weekend.  I can’t grumble as I have a lovely Christmas Train ride and Market lined up so from Sat Morning to Sun evening I will away but you can just pop over and have a nice horse ride to win yourself this lovely gift.

I promise you you will not be bored riding your horse around as this is sim is designed to perfection.  It’s immersed in Dickensian landscaping and buildings all based around the classic story “A Christmas Carol”.  We have the well-known landmarks such as Scrooges house, his office, Bob Cratchit’s house etc but also the sim has been stuffed with buildings and landscaping which are true to Dickens and A Christmas Carol.

If you’re lazy then I spotted horse-driven carriages for you to hop on and have a tour of the sim.  A whole team of people have spent a lot of time, effort and inspiration creating this experience for us to enjoy.

When I went back to LM grab I notice a link to the Calendar so I’ve added that so you can see all the events coming up.  This is a perfect excuse to drag out your best ball gown and just do something different for a change.  I TP’ed to the ballroom and it looks as though these events will be well attended by those who just like to do something different with their SL.

The Dickens Project

The Dickens Project Calendar