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Happy Chrumpkins. (Freebies).

Not doing to well with clothing so I decided to do a bit of old LM hopping and thats how I ended up at Zen Creations.  Just before I was about to walk out of the shop, it’s an oversized barn, and do a fly over the sim I spotted FREE Christmas Trees.

You get a hud to change the baubles and star also you can have the branches with or without the snow and the addition of a tree skirt means you can have this tree either inside or outside of your home.  At 11 prims not too bad either and copy/mod as well.

This tree is a free for all gift, you just buy the hat gift boxes but if you join the Free Group then you can pick up these Chrumpkins as well.

I do not know why but it hurts my head even thinking the word “Chrumpkins”!  However I do love Pumpkins and Christmas so the blending of these two things make for a great decor item.  The Chrumpkins is unlinked so if you want to save 2 prims then you can delete it, the rest of them are linked inc the Mistletoe and I think it was only 3 prims for the lot.  Does say mod but I think I’d just leave them as they are.

Zen Creations.